Be sure to explain how your solution helps to solve the chosen problem effectively, according to the judging criteria!

  • Name your project to  [your-team-name] project-name

  • Include your write up on devpost

  • link your github repository

  • Include a video (optional)

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$16,000 in prizes

Grand Prize

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Finalist (12)

Most unexpected plot twist

Most outstanding undergraduate year 1 hack

Most popular hack

Best video production

Most well-documented code

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sgID Special Prize

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LifeHack 2023 Committee

LifeHack 2023 Committee

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Implementation
    How effective is the technical approach and implementation of the product or solution?
  • Ethics
    Example of considerations: Does the hack exhibit intention or evidence of ensuring data privacy and security? Is the data collected being handled in an appropriate manner? To what extent is the application environmentally-friendly?
  • Viability
    How much prospective social/ commercial value does the hack possess?
  • Innovation
    Uniqueness and creativeness of the hack (Demonstrates these qualities: inspiring, novel, persuasive, fresh, motivating, engaging, etc.)?
  • Relevance of ideas
    How well does the hack align with the chosen theme and problem statement?

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